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Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida


             to The Love Relationshop!

Do you feel that there's MORE to life [and love] Yes!

Are you ready  to take LOVE to the next level?   Yes!

Are you ready for a TRANSFORMATION from the inside out Yes!

Attend The Love Relationshop events

 to UPEVEL YOUR LOVE life asap!

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of upcoming events!

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Calendar of Events page!

At The Love Relationshop

you can learn and practice the TOOLS you need to 

FINE TUNE your relationship 


Vroom vroom!  ;)

What  exactly  IS  "The  Lve  RelationshOp" ?

The word "relationshop" is a made-up word that is a combination of the words "relationship" and "workshop"  

[because we provide relationship themed workshops and events].

 Additionally, a "shop" is a place we take something to fix it, enhance it, or simply maintain it. 

[In a shop, you'll need the proper environment, time, guidance, skills, and/or tools.]

Therefore The Love Relationshop is where we learn AND practice relationship/communication skills 

so we have the tools for happier, healthier partnerships. 

Regardless of one's romantic relationship status, we are all in MANY different kinds of relationships where we need to use these UPLEVELED skills daily.

The Love Relationshop designs events & workshops

to help you improve your skills to 


to what you've always wanted it to be 

whether or not you're currently in a relationship.

[Get what you truly desire and deserve. And YES, YOU DESERVE AN AMAZING LOVE life ! ]


for the HOW

The Love Relationshop 

is where 

relationships meet workshops! 

Events by Erica [Tampa Love Muse]

Erica hosts these interactive educational events for groups both online and in-person at businesses around the Greater Tampa [Florida] Area!  Join us to UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE and we'll have fun "doing the work" together so you can have more satisfying relationships.

Creator, Facilitator, Hostess, & Coach



When you look back on your life...

what might YOU regret?


  1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

  2. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings.

  3. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Click here for 

Top 20 Deathbed Regrets!

You still have time for YOUR happily ever after!

Start to UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE  life today!

Getting crystal clear on what you yearn for,

acknowledging past traumas,

taking radical responsibility for your reactions/responses to triggers,

and then communicating lovingly,

increases your likelihood of 

CO-CREATING the LOVE in life you've always wanted.  

[whether or not you're currently in a relationship]

This is called 'doing the work' and I believe that the work is

incredibly SATISFYING...and can be FUN too!"

~ Tampa Love Muse, Erica 


Get on our list to learn about our new events and programs! 

We are still in the START UP STAGE. and will be launching the various programs throughout 2022-2023. 

Tickets will be extremely limited and will sell out quickly! Be on our direct email list to get notified BEFORE THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  You'll also have the first chance at special deals including early bird specials!

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LGBTQ+ Friendly


We need a variety of businesses to CREATE & ORCHESTRATE GREAT DATES and events for singles and couples!

We LOVE collaborating & helping grow small businesses -- including MLMs!  We're looking for great venues, products, and services for our fabulous events. 


This could be anything including [but NOT limited to]: restaurant/bar, dance studio, massage, land/air/sea adventure, photography, and more!   IF you are an author, therapist, or you have a fun, interesting, romantic, active, or unique business [in the greater Tampa Bay area -- or you can come to us] call us ASAP! 


We're now interviewing great businesses who want to participate in our events as vendors or sponsors.

[For more info, click on the button below, fill out the form,  OR just call/text!]

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LGBTQ+ Friendly

❤ We do not discriminate against ANY sexual orientation, religious belief, age, race, sex, socioeconomic status, lifestyle choice, OR relationship status.

ALL who want to work on their relationship & communication skills with our programs are WARMLY welcomed by EVERYONE!

*This is a woman-owned Tampa business that is 100% self-funded. I'm dedicating my time, energy, and resources into this business because I passionately believe in what I call "co-creationship" ... people co-creating the life they both deeply desire together with their partner. It requires taking radical responsibility for our responses/reactions, honesty, openness, and gratitude.


I have been putting everything on the line to build this business and these programs to support couples and singles alike in this endeavor.  

Participation and membership truly helps my business grow so know that I truly appreciate my attendees and members with my whole heart. By joining, you'll save money and get added PERKS as a THANK YOU! Together we can support each other in tremendous growth and FUN!

~Erica Sandquist 

Creator of The Love Relationshop, LLC

REMEMBER:  It's always the perfect time to love, learn, laugh, and grow.