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Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida


             to The Love Relationshop!


w/ Tampa Love Muse

 this page is where you can read about TLR's belief system

The Love Relationshop designs events & workshops

to help you improve your skills to 


to what you've always wanted it to be 

whether or not you're currently in a relationship!

[Get what you truly desire and deserve. And YES, YOU DESERVE AN AMAZING LOVE life ! ]

At The Love Relationship, our belief system say that...

     ❤ it takes time & effort to get crystal clear on what it is that we want...and don't relationships.

     ❤ it is IMPERATIVE to take the time to learn how to understand our own wants/needs.

     ❤ it is IMPERATIVE to then learn how to articulate our wants/ needs lovingly & effectively to others.

     ❤ it is also IMPERATIVE to then learn how to "listen to understand" our partner's wants/needs lovingly.

     ❤ learning how to be in a healthy relationship takes communication & relationship SKILLS.

     ❤ these skills can be learned and enhanced.

     ❤ in order to learn new skills, we should PRACTCE them.

     ❤ it is important to practice new and/or enhanced skills when we are NOT in conflict.

     ❤ it important to note that this is a moving we may need "Do-Overs" and space to change our minds.

     ❤ we can create shared couple goals.

     ❤ we can create personal goals.

     ❤ we can help/support each other to our personal and couple goals.

So THE LOVE RELATIONSHOP is where we learn AND practice relationship/communication skills

so we have the tools for happier, healthier partnerships. 

Regardless of one's romantic relationship status, we are all in MANY different kinds of relationships 

where we need to use these UPLEVELED skills daily.

You can learn and practice the TOOLS you need to 

FINE TUNE your relationship 


1.  We teach communication & relationship SKILLS in a way you can learn, practice, & apply immediately...

        -----> to increase satisfaction within any relationship.

2.  We help you learn how to identify your needs & work through your TRIGGERS...

        -----> not being offended or irritated is paramount to being secure & happy inside.

3.  We find incredible information about LOVE from experts in psychology [mind] & neuroscience [brain]...

        -----> and present it in bite sized chunks so you can easily learn, apply, & grow.

4.  We're here to guide & support you PRACTICING your new skills so they become habits...

        -----> whether you currently have a partner or not.

The Love Relationshop is where relationships meet workshops!

1.  Learn incredible skills, concepts, and knowledge:

  • explore your inner mind/brain, heart, and soul 
  • identify your true authentic self under layers of expectations, obligations, guilt, shame, and fear
2.  Increase your emotional intelligence, consciousness, integrity, and authenticity:
  • accept and take responsibility for your actions/reactions when triggered in the past and present
  • practice your new skills [with SUPPORT] in a judgement-free zone
3. Become the person you felt you were always meant to be:
  • feel OPEN and LIGHT as you act from a place of love and acceptance
  • allow love and acceptance from others, towards others, and towards yourself [self-love]
4.  Co-create relationships for more play, stronger love, and deeper intimacy:
  • "fine tune" some elements to get running at "peak performance" --like in a "repair shop"
  • build deep friendships with like-minded people wanting self-growth and increased emotional intelligence


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Relationship Busters

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What is the Love Relationshop?

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What Research Says

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Most people don't budget for self-development and the divorce rates show it!

ESPECIALLY once married, most couples don't actually BUDGET for dating or improving their relationship even though research shows that by routinely dating your mate, you will have better communication, more appreciation, more intimacy, better sex, more connection, and less stress! 

However, couples DO spend lots of time and money on the wedding [rings, dress/tux, food/drinks, venue, entertainment, honeymoon, etc.] and life AROUND the relationship [i.e. home, vehicles, vacations, clothes, food, entertainment, utilities, children, etc.]. 

Do you think that this is probably why we have over 50% divorce rate in the US...and substantially higher for 2nd, 3rd, 4th marriages?

"It's always the perfect time to learn, love, and grow!"   ~Erica


* "identify & show up as your true authentic self"

Identifying your "true authentic self" means that you find out what YOU WANT in life and WHO YOU WANT TO BE regardless of your social, cultural, religious, family and self expectations.  It means you toss out the shame, guilt, and fear.  You get rid of negative self talk.  

Instead of obligations [where you feel negative emotions of HAVING TO DO something], you plan YOUR LIFE with THINGS YOU WANT TO DO because of WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME which feels like a choice and so it feels GOOD.  [AKA ...HOW do you want to show up in life?]  You could very well have the same things on your "WANT TO DO LIST" as what's on your "OBLIGATIONS LIST" but it just FEELS sooooo different!! 

Byron Katie talks about this ... and I'll paraphrase here because it's been so long since I heard/read it. 






Co-creationship is the product and the action of 2 [or more] people co-creating an exceptional RELATIONSHIP together that they both/all deeply desire. This is done through open, honest, loving, respectful, and consistent communication that is ongoing, shifting, and evolving during the entire relationship.

Co-creating this relationship requires taking radical responsibility for your own responses and reactions WHILE being respectful and kind with someone else's. It's leaving your own expectations and assumptions at the door so you can be open and receptive. It takes accountability, honesty, and gratitude… as well as a lot of practice, perseverance, and patience while dealing with your own [and each other’s] pain points.

It's about realizing that feeling hurt, offended, and/or "taking things personally" is exactly what a trigger is...and it's YOUR responsibility to work through it to get to the ROOT. It is not someone else's responsibility to fix it, change to accommodate you, or read your mind. Triggers CAN increase, decrease or disappear depending on how you address them. YOUR choice.

You are holding their [hurting] heart in your hands. Be even more present, mindful, and loving than you'd want them to be with yours. 

~Erica Sandquist

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We are "FORMED" during our childhood but we have the opportunity to "TRANSFORM" during adulthood as we shed our past  assumptions and emotions. 


Ponder this:  As a child sees life happening in front of them, they try to make sense of it.  They put MEANING into circumstances that were probably not there in the first place.  [Think about how many children believe their parents are divorcing because of THEM.]  But they're trying to make sense of these things as a child with their limited knowledge, understanding, and experience.   

As an adult you'd see things very differently than a child would, wouldn't you?  We'd never take real relationship advice from a child.  

So why are we still listening to what we started believing as a child?



WiN WiN WiN!

*This is a woman-owned Tampa business that is 100% self-funded by me. I'm dedicating my time, energy, and resources into this business because I passionately believe in what I call "co-creationship" ... people co-creating the life they both deeply desire together WITH their partner.  It requires taking radical responsibility, honesty, openness and gratitude. I am putting everything on the line to support couples in this endeavor. 

Your participation and membership truly helps my business grow so know that I truly appreciate you with my whole heart. By joining, you'll save money and get added PERKS as a THANK YOU!  Together we can support each other in tremendous growth and FUN!