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Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida


             to The Love Relationshop!


How to Navigate the Relationship Rollercoaster of Emotions​

Round Table Talk

NEW Relationship Series

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Being single is HARD! Being in a relationship is HARD because relationships AND PEOPLE are complicated.

 Let's chat openly about the challenges of communication during dating and in relationships.  A relationship/communication coach will be facilitating this event giving you tools & strategies to learn new skills! You can regain your clarity, self-confidence, & happiness.

[Specific topics for each week.  Each one builds on the ones prior but you can pick and choose...or attend all for most impact.]

$20 price is per person.  Get a FREE notebook included if you buy 10 classes at once!  You can use class credit for one person or share with multiple people.

OPTION 1: one pay for one class at time
OPTION 2: Pay for 10 classes and get FREE NOTEBOOK [value $210+]
OPTION 3: Pay for 20 classes and get 2 FREE NOTEBOOKS [value $420+]
OPTION 4: Pay for 30 classes and get 3 FREE NOTEBOOKS [value $630+]