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Local TAMPA business

Launchi​ng 2022!


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❤ Speed Dating Spokane is for area locals to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & maybe even find a BFF [or a new LOVE] through our FUN events!  

Speed Dating Spokane will soon change to "SINGLES MEET MARKET" or SPOKANE MEET MARKET.

Attend.  CONNECT.  Learn.  ENJOY.

"We're all in this together!"

We provide FUN ways for local singles to attend, connect, learn, enjoy, & maybe even find a new BFF [or LOVE] through our events! 

 Spread the word!  X

NEW Summer Weekly Relationship Series--Round Table Talk

[8 Wednesdays in June & July--new topic every week!]

Round Table Discussion about Dating:

Let's chat openly about the challenges of communication during dating and in relationships [with a relationship/communication coach facilitating this event giving you tools & strategies to learn new skills] ! You can regain your clarity, self-confidence, & happiness.

WEEK 1 TOPIC: How can we understand and navigate the dating process better so we can get into a happy, healthy relationship that is satisfying, loving, respectful, and FUN without as much pain, confusion, & frustration?

Man! Being SINGLE is HARD. Are men & women speaking different languages? I mean seriously, WTF?!?

Sometimes people THINK they are listening to their "intuition" when really they are listening to their own fears and BAGGAGE ... or their hormones! Our brains teach us to AVOID pain so we need to learn to learn skills and strategies to help us navigate! On the flip side, our bodies produce HAPPY HORMONES which make us FEEL like we're in LOVE when really it is just our body's way to keep the human race going. WOW.

Well, we got your back. Come learn and grow with other locals [..and then stay for the live band/dancing afterwards if you wish]! We'll look at how dating is different for men vs women [+men's needs vs women's needs], online dating, expectations, bookmarking behavior vs seeing red flags, learning to address your own triggers, listing your non-negotiables vs preferences, intentions/praying, attachment styles, & much more.

You'll get a basic "ROADMAP to DATING" to take some of the guesswork & HEARTACHE out of dating. Know what to expect and how to set healthy boundaries. Bring your notebook so you can take notes and grow from this opportunity. Oh and you might just meet a new BFF or love interest!


DATE: Wednesday, June 8th

TIME: 6-8pm

[OPTIONAL: Happy Hour 4-6pm; band 8-11pm]

WHO: This first class is for those who are either NOT currently dating at all, about to start dating, or in a new relationship ages 21+ [but most attendees will be ages 30+]. Honestly, no matter what your relationship status is, IF you feel like you want to learn this stuff, please come!

COST: This is normally a $47 class but we're just asking for at least a $10 donation. [We won't turn anyone away who can't afford it.] You can pay cash at the class OR follow the links to securely pay with a credit/debit card through EVENTBRITE.

WHY SO CHEAP? We know times are tough and believe we need to support each other AND local businesses. Since we're having this at a bar/restaurant, we ask that you support the business by buying your dinner and/or drinks here during our class. [ZOLA's MENU]






Resources for those in the Greater Spokane Area! 

We love building classes and events for you!



You'll find our events PLUS events around the area from other businesses. We also post articles and memes about being single, dating, and relationships on our @SpeedDatingSpokane Facebook and Instagram pages.  



Our EROS in LOVE Facebook page is where you'll find our events posted PLUS events around the area from other business. We also post inspirational memes and articles on love, relationships [healthy and unhealthy]. and even heartache.  

What our singles are saying...

Thank you so much for doing this for us!  I don't go to the bars and so it's hard to meet new people to date!

Tim, Spokane

I  made two of my friends come with me and we had a BLAST.  Dancing afterwards with men we had already met was fun too!  The pressure was off and we could just have fun!

Sarah, Spokane

This is AMAZING!  I had a GREAT time!!

Adam, Spokane

I am hoping to connect with at least 2 of the men I met here.  I had a good time talking and the 5 minutes seemed to zip by so fast.

Suzy, Spokane

NEW Weekly Relationship Series--Round Table Talk

<8 Wednesdays in June & July>

June: 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, & 6/29

July: 7/6, 7/13, 7/20, & 7/27

We'll have different TOPICS every week. We're going to see if Zola's space works for us to determine where we'll go for the following classes.

The rollercoaster of emotions really STINKS:

❤feelings of rejection & abandonment


❤green flags & red flags

❤falling in love

❤heartbroken AGAIN


❤fear of STDs [there are SO many!]



❤dating plans & costs

❤meeting someone great

❤thinking a love interest is one way but having things turn out completely differently


4-6pm -- Happy Hour [optional]

6-8pm -- Round Table Talk

8-11pm -- Live Band & Dancing [optional]

***Happy Hour is from 4-6pm, our class is 6-8pm, and we can dance to a band 8-11pm!! What a GREAT night! Please support this establishment and tip our servers well so they want us back [20%+].