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How has Erica's teaching skills, coaching and workshops impacted others?

Highly Recommend Erica's Coaching

"Erica is the most understanding, compassionate, empathetic, and wise person I know. She came into my life during I time I was severely floundering due to some interpersonal relationship issues involving my family, and was able to help me look at things in a way that allowed me to go forward in life no longer stuck in the mire of frustration and sadness. I was able to examine my own place in the situation with her supportive guidance in a way that was nonthreatening and non-judgmental.

As in-tuned to emotions as Erica is, she is also extremely logical and can literally breakdown highly charged situations into “bites” that can be either savored, endured, digested, or purged, whatever your soul is needing at the time. She’s like my own personal sage who has provided wisdom and guidance as I find my way along my personal path. I highly recommend having her walk beside you as well if you’re a little lost and searching for your way to get back on your own path in this journey called life."

~ Kim, Pennsylvania

Mutual Respect

From the first time I met Erica after my show [in Branson, Missouri 2016], I was impressed with her knowledge of the relationship authors out there.


She was the first person in 15 years who identified the authors whose work I only referenced in my performance of "Happily Ever Laughter".   We became fast friends and had many conversations about the work of Dr. Pat Allen, Alison Armstrong, Dr. John Gray, the Gottmans, Dr. Harley, and more.

We spent a day with Dr. Willard Harley and his family and got to discuss his book "His Needs, Her Needs" as well as so many other relationship topics.  The Harley's were impressed with Erica, so they asked her to be a guest on their upcoming show about relationships.

I hired Erica on 3 occasions in Minnesota and California.  Each time she improved the communication, increased sales,  and/or organized the tasks from chaos.  Her strong work ethic, willingness to jump in to help people, knowledge about relationships, and her communication skills set her apart,

Assisting me on my set for the nationally televised PBS Taping of "Happily Ever Laughter" I hesitantly followed Erica's lead about how to hang my personal art and arrange the furniture  but the finished set LOOKED AMAZING.  When I saw the photos of the set, I told Erica, "You have talent!" 

~ Celebrity Comedian Dr. Yakov Smirnoff, California

Stage at the PBS Taping of Yakov's "Happily Ever Laughter"

At the PBS Taping of Yakov's "Happily Ever Laughter" in Escondido, CA 

[That's Erica in the blue & white jacket in the back.]

Yakov Smirnoff,   Dr. Willard Harley,   Joy Harley,   Erica Sandquist   [2016]

Relationship Classes and Coaching

"Over the years, I have attended several of Erica’s relationship classes and found them to be very helpful in navigating the dating world. 

Once in a relationship, Erica’s coaching helped me make good decisions and identify my unhealthy patterns. Now, at age 50, I'm in my first healthy relationship thanks to her patiently working with me to identify heathy and unhealthy patterns from attachment style.  I wholeheartedly recommend Erica for your personal growth needs!"

~ Richard, Washington

Communication Coaching 

"Working with Erica had a long lasting impact on me. She taught me to be better organized, to be proactive in preventing issues, and to better communicate when issues did arise. To this day, I stay in contact with her and reach out for personal and professional guidance. She has been such a positive influence in both areas of my life."

~ Ryann, Hawaii

Teaching Skills

"It was my pleasure to teach with Erica at two different schools in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has many strengths, but I would list being able to communicate with others as one of her greatest abilities. 

 Both of the schools we taught in were inner-city and she was able to connect and help every student that had the good fortune to be in her classroom. She is a rare individual and able to connect and verbally communicate what she has learned and pass it on to others at the highest level!  

Her students, their parents and the staff all loved her.  All her students loved her classroom with curtains she made, lamps for indirect lighting, pillows, learning centers, and a classroom library of over 3,000 books!  The kids loved her classroom and learned so much with her as their teacher.

I've worked with many teachers over the decades, but Erica stands out as one of the very best I've seen...and I met her in her fist years in teaching.  I'm sure she's improved even more since then!

My wife and I also got to see Erica working with Yakov Smirnoff.  That was a kick!"

~ Tony, Minnesota

Masculine - Feminine Coaching

"I wish I could carry Erica in my pocket when I talk with my boyfriend. She seems to be able to see both sides so well...she sees both the logical and emotional sides."

~ Sarah, Minnesota

Law of Attraction Coaching

"I feel so much better! My life is already going better and I'm so happy. Thank you for your coaching on the Law of Attraction and intentions!"

~ James, Washington

Erica Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk!

Being close friends, I know that Erica doesn't just talk the talk; she walks the walk. Before we met, I had heard that she had made great strides with bridging the emotional gap and healing the trauma (due to the childhood abuse) with her mother in the two years before her mother passed away from cancer. 

Now, as close friends, I have had the unique vantage of observing (up close and personal) a significant transformational season and experience in her life in 2019-2020.  When Erica found out that her father was dying, she lovingly stepped up to be there for him even though he lived 1300 miles away and she had a business to run. Because of the mistreatment from her dad since childhood, she could have legitimately chosen to show up in a minimal way. Instead, she helped him in a very substantial way with health matters, estate matters, and relationship matters. She put herself in harms way (from continued verbal, emotional and psychological mistreatment) while also growing in her ability to protect herself through carefully thought out, loving, effective and balanced boundaries. She was able to help her father: acknowledge the harmful patterns of his behavior (to her and others), recognize when he was in the midst of doing it again, and change his behavior! She was loving, vulnerable, and firm while she called forth the best from her father.

I also witnessed her make connections about how the dynamics that existed in her relationship with her parents were playing out in her partnerships and love relationships as an adult. We've had many discussions on "attachment styles" and how they affect our lives and drive our decisions AND how important it is to HEAL these so we can move into "secure" attachment.

Coaching oneself to greater results is a mark of a GREAT coach. Coaching others (parents) WHILE in the painful transformation, is incredibly remarkable! Because she has first hand experience with DOING the work to become emotionally healthy, she can help others do it as well. Examples of Erica's personal growth inspires me to become a better version of myself.

Erica also taught me about masculine and feminine energy.  To say I was resistant would be downplaying my opposition at the time.  But Erica was patient and after a particularly painful experience she kindly helped me unpack it and understand what had gone wrong.  Since then I've devoured everything I can on the subject and I understand my new happy and healthy relationship at a deeper level.

Kristi, Washington

Erica and her mother, Mary Anne  [Sunday, March 13, 2016] taken the month before she passed away.  

This photo shows how close Erica and her mother became using the relationship tools and strategies Erica learned in therapy and by completing TWO coaching programs [one on relationships and one on coaching the Law of Attraction].  

After two years of intentional "work" while dealing with the devastating effects of pancreatic cancer and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, they finally got the relationship they both always longed for...right before Mary Anne passed away. ❤


is where 

"relationships meet workshops" 

so you can 

UPLEVEL your LOVE life!


Mary Anne and her daughter Erica

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Erica and her mom, Mary Anne

Sunday, March 13, 2016