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Local TAMPA business

Launchi​ng 2022!


~ local TAMPA businesses supporting each other and growing together ~

❤ Through WIN-WIN joint venture scenarios , we all can provide [our services/products]  for GREAT DATES all over Tampa!

We need a variety of businesses to 


month after month for our events! 

Check out this page for more info, fill out the form below,

 or just call or text 24/7!  



We're always on the LOOK OUT for and interviewing TAMPA* area businesses, authors, life or health coaches, speakers, and therapists who want to SHOWCASE their products and/or services for our singles and couples workshops/events.  We'd join together in what is called "joint ventures" where we create WIN-WIN-WIN scenarios [you, us, our clients/cutomers].  In this way, we can support each other's businesses and grow together.    

So if YOU have a fun, interesting, romantic, sexy, active, and/or unique business call us ASAP!   We LOVE collaborating & helping grow small businesses ... including MLMs!

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 Contact Form

[*in the greater Tampa Bay area OR if you can come to us!]


A great venue is SUPER important for a great experience for our attendees [couples and/or singles].  We understand we won't get all of our wishes with every venue, but at least 3 of the below qualifies your space!  [The more the better!]

Here are some of the things we are looking for in a space:

Clean space...preferably upscale and/or unique

A separate space or section for our group so we have [some] privacy 

❤ Tables and chairs for 25-50 couples [50-100 people]

❤ Sound system to address the whole group and/or music

❤ Having video would be amazing...screen or tv/monitor

❤ Free/cheap, easy, and/or abundant parking [BONUS for valet options!]

❤ Safe neighborhood

❤ Bar/bartenders

❤ Food

❤ Entertainment [so our guests can go from our event to yours]

❤ Located in the Greater Tampa Bay Area [including but not limited to Clearwater, St Pete's, Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, Brandon,Wesley Chapel, Lutz,...]

If you have a venue (or know of a good one) fill out our contact form, email, text, OR call us 24/7!   

813-SEE-LOVE  [813-733-5683]

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Contact Form


Thank you to our amazing volunteers!  When I started going to singles events right after my divorce, I volunteered for the local singles event planner so I could be DOING something at the events. It kind of forced me to go, get out of my comfort zone, and meet people.  AND I got to talk to EVERYBODY.  What a great insight that was! This is why I offer this to people.  It's a WIN WIN.  I can always use more help and it might just help you too!  Sometimes it's fun to do with a friend. Just tell us where/how you'd like to help!  Thank you!!

Volunteers help events go smoothly and beautifully.

❤ organize materials for events [prior to event--in person]

❤ orientation meeting[s] with volunteers [prior to event--in person or via ZOOM]

❤ setting up / unloading @ event [usually in A.M.]

❤ registration table @ event [greeting, introductions, name tags, etc.]

❤ helping run the event @ event [running the information booth]

❤ tearing down / clean up / loading @ event [usually in P.M.]

We need 2-6 volunteers per event.  Please be comfortable talking with others plus following MY directions AND giving those directions to the attendees.  To volunteer, fill out our contact form, email, text, OR call us 24/7!

813-SEE-LOVE [813-733-5683]

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Contact Form


Do you have a product or service that would improve couple's lives in some way?  Soon we will be adding vendors to some of our events to support our attendees [couples, singles, local small businesses, and/or anyone]!

You can do as many options below as you'd like:

❤ set up a table/booth to showcase your products/services [$50-100 depending on event; we won't have vendors at all events]

❤ give swag to couples/singles or to us [The Love Relationshop to use during event like pens, decor, name tags, markers, etc.]

❤ offer coupons/specials to couples or singles [attendees]

❤ address the group about your business/service/product [optional sometimes] 

❤ offer 1-10 gifts to be in the drawing[s]

We will have between 2-10 vendors per event. To become a vendor, fill out our contact form, email, text, OR call us 24/7!

 813-SEE-LOVE   [813-733-5683]

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Contact Form


Soon we'll be adding sponsorship[s] to our events.  We're interviewing  for sponsors who want to develop a WIN-WIN-WIN situation of promoting each other's businesses for specific events.

What YOU get in the sponsorship: 

❤ your logo will be added to all of our marketing for THAT event including our ever growing email list

❤ anytime we go on air or on video we will mention your business as a sponsor

❤ you'll be added to our webpage of "businesses we recommend" [along with your business's contact information]

❤ your business will be mentioned and thanked at least twice DURING the event

❤ your business info/logo will be displayed at the event

❤ you're allowed to send a spokesperson to the event to talk about your business 

❤ you may give our attendees swag

❤ you may offer items from your business as prizes in drawings at events [gift certificates, swag, products, etc]

❤ your business will be mentioned in all our social media posts* 

❤ we post all over Facebook, Google, Eventbrite, Meetup, and our own email lists.

*we post all over the tune of 100,000++ people will see each post

What WE get with your sponsorship: 

❤ $500/event series if you choose to be the ONLY sponsor

❤ $275/event series/sponsor [max of 3 sponsors]

❤ you post/promote the event on your social media sites [we provide the meme or visual]

❤ you post/promote the event on your website and in emails

❤ you post/promote the event at your place of business and to your 

❤ we could receive prizes or swag to use during events and/or give to our attendees [YOU specify]

We'll have 1-3 sponsors per event and we're definitely interested in arranging the details to suit both of us and our customers/clients. To become a sponsor, fill out our contact form, email, text, OR call us 24/7!   

813-SEE-LOVE  [813-733-5683]

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Contact Form

We're open to any business product or service that benefits our attendees.  We will have SINGLES EVENTS,  social events for COUPLES, and events for everyone whether they are in a relationship or not.  Choose which events work best for you/your business.

❤ matchmakers, coaches, therapists, ...

❤ authors, speakers,...

❤ tanning, hair, or nail salons and spas...

❤ real estate

❤ fitness coaches and/or gyms

❤ car/boat/rv dealerships...

❤ taxes, accountants, insurance,...

❤ cleaning [houses, cars, boats, ...]

❤ personal products [cbd oil, makeup, skincare, etc.]

❤ restaurants, stores, shops, ...


We love building EVENTS with you!

We need a lot of people and quite a variety of businesses to CREATE & ORCHESTRATE GREAT DATES month after month for both singles and couples!


  • hotel
  • venue rental [ballroom, conference room, auditorium, etc]
  • restaurant/bar
  • dance studio
  • campground
  • play: billiards, darts, video games, bowling,
  • land, air, or sea adventures [horseback riding, flying, sailing, parasailing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, ropes/challenge courses, rock climbing, hiking, yachting, SUP, ETC]


  • personal trainer/fitness coach

  • life coaches [each with different niches]
  • motivational speakers
  • authors
  • therapists
  • personal assistants
  • energy workers
  • entertainment
  • mediums
  • tarot readers
  • matchmakers


  • massage
  • meditation
  • spa
  • yoga
  • gyms
  • tanning
  • hair stylist
  • barber
  • nail salon
  • lashes, eyebrows, etc
  • makeup artist
  • makeup and hair products
  • CBD oil
  • makeup
  • skincare


  • belly dancing
  • pole dancing
  • photography [including boudoir for women and couples]
  • sex toys
  • lingerie
  • adult stores
  • flower shop
  • limo service
  • matchmaker


  • house/residential cleaners
  • commercial cleaners
  • car washes
  • mobile cleaning
  • carpet cleaning, 
  • duct cleaning


  • taxes
  • accountants
  • insurance
  • investing
  • finances
  • repair shops
  • insurance
  • financial planner
  • estate planner
  • real estate
  • car dealership
  • grocery stores


  • boats
  • cars
  • boats/yachts
  • motorcycles
  • planes


We're looking forward to meeting you! ❤ 

Let us know your level[s] of interest by filling out this form. 

❤ Thank you so much for helping us spread the word and the therefore the LOVE! 

Choose your state from the drop down menu. If you're outside the USA, please choose "OTHER".
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